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Monday, March 21, 2011

In Theaters Over the Weekend, and a Blind Buy Conversation

Sorry for the late posting on this. I'm working on a way to schedule my time a bit better so I can get things up when I want them/need them to be up.

But, for the time being - I had an interesting conversation at a Walgreen's with a man who, by his own admission, rarely buys DVDs that he's seen before. He's an avid blind buyer, and he only does it four or five bucks at a time. I, too, blind buy with a vengeance, but I also collect. So, if I know something is worth more than it's selling for, I'll pick it up. And I'm constantly trolling eBay for the same deals. There, though, at a Walgreen's, the selection isn't as extensive as say... eBay. Or even Craigslist. It usually winds up being ten or twelve movies, and then about five or six rows of those ten or twelve movies. It's aggravating, but... I mean, I found a copy of Julien Donkey-Boy for six bucks. I think I win. I'm not sure, but I think I do. The other man walked away with a couple of direct to DVD pieces, sure to enjoy his night and revel in the savings.

Bee Season's cinematographer wants his settlement, please.

Given the quality of releases we were given over the weekend, it's no surprise that this man opted to rifle through the DVD shelves of local mini-marts rather than take the walk of shame and publicly admit to seeing something like Just Go With It. Which, for some reason, too many people have just gone with.

Over the weekend - Limitless, a thriller born from Phenomenon about a man who reaches his full potential, Paul, a comedy with Seth Rogen as an alien with a foul mouth and a really big heart, and The Lincoln Lawyer, Matthew McConaughey's latest (and second) legal thriller. Which did you see? Which will I see? I'll be seeing Limitless and The Lincoln Lawyer for sure. Already saw Paul.

For a full review of Paul, click here.

Let's take a close look at the L squared releases, shall we?

More after the cut --

Limitless. PG-13.

I was skeptical at first of this film's chances of success. It's an MTV version of a brilliant Disney film called Phenomenon with John Travolta. But, there's a strong cast, a very specific style to it, and the colors are pretty damn bright. Also, the soundtrack is pretty boss. I'm not a Kanye fan, but he seems to always enhance the projects his songs are selected for. I'm making time to watch this tonight or tomorrow night, so look for the review in the next few days.

Also in theaters now,

The Lincoln Lawyer. R.

I'll be the first to say it - that's an awful trailer. But, I'll also be the first to say that I loved Matthew McConaughey's performance in A Time To Kill, so I'm eager to see him try another case. This film has gotten much better reviews than I think anyone expected, and through all the awkward intense staring that weird tonal shifts of the trailer, there has to be a good movie in there somewhere. I'll find out as soon as I can. My list of things to see is pretty backed up. Hopefully I get back on track this week. I'll also be the first to say this - John Leguizamo is one of the sturdiest, and best, actors alive. He's brilliant.

Which will you be seeing? Limitless, The Lincoln Lawyer, or Paul?

Again, for the review I have of Paul, click here.

Go see a movie. Enjoy yourself. And get ready for DVD releases tomorrow.