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Saturday, March 12, 2011

In Theaters This Weekend

Back in full swing. Finger is healed. All is right with the world. Except, of course, that Catherine Hardwicke has released another film.

The week we've experienced has been met with tragedy, and a sense of hopefulness the world over. The earthquake and subsequent tsunami in Japan has left families across the globe fearful and worried for those they can't contact, and it's important for all of us to realize the fragility of human life. My thoughts and prayers go out to you, them, and theirs.

In San Francisco, local news kept saying, and I mean kept saying that "this isn't like the movies". Personally, I'm a bit offended by those remarks. As someone whose life is completely inundated with film and effects and stories of tragedy brought to us by the silver screen, I find it redundant and psychologically fanatical to remind your viewers that they are watching something real. I hope, and fully believe, that we as a people have the intelligence to distinguish a film like 2012 from a real life disaster that claimed real lives. In all fairness, this reporter wasn't speaking to me personally, but to me as a collective viewer. A child might not understand the difference. But, a 24 year old with a high school diploma who works in the real world and who is effected by the real world everyday certainly would. Any of us over the age of ten presumably would. Obviously, I don't expect any sort of apology, but I do expect more care and candor from any sort of news team. Less callousness and condescension, in effect.

That's all I have to say about that.

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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Inside Job, Jackass 3D, and Others on DVD this week

Apologies for the late posting. Life has been hectic, and my finger is still... incapacitated. But, such is blogging, no?

On DVD this week, five films are being released. A few promising films that turned flop, and a couple of surprises that wound up highlighting the year all the way from left field. Morning Glory, Jackass 3D, Four Lions, Inside Job, and The Next Three Days. The most important thing, however, is which one is worth your money! Let's take a closer look, yeah?

I'd like to start with one of the biggest surprises of last year, for me - Jackass. Admittedly, I'm a fairly big Johnny Knoxville fan. His screen presence is huge, and he's a decently talented actor. I find him compulsively watchable. Even if he's electrocuting his friends, or getting hit in the balls, or vomiting, or getting hit in the balls, or getting hit in the balls. He's just... fun to watch. So, as a fan of the show, and of the last couple of films, I was surprised even at myself at how much I enjoyed this outing of violent and stupid behavior - please note, I'm not one of those guys who tried to perform these stunts when growing up (except for the grocery store jousting. I did that one.) But, I enjoyed it from this perspective: it wasn't made to please anyone but the people involved, and eventually, it became what will surely be a staple in the 3D discussion. Live action 3D is something that isn't used fairly well. And without the over-abundance of computer effects, the 3D in this film is... mind-blowingly impressive. I'll be around for the fourth one. If indeed there is a fourth one.

The special features are as follows, from the film's Amazon page -

MTV Making Of Special
Deleted Scenes
Time Magazine Trailer

The film is on all DVD formats (as well as Blu-Ray), and maintains its 3D structure. So, you went to see a 3D film, you will be buying a 3D film. 

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