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A list, full of links to, special series I host on this blog. Not the "In Theaters" or "Coming to DVD" posts, but more of the 'mini-series' I guess you could call it.

God Save the King
A look at Stephen King's contributions to the world of film, in four parts, in anticipation of The Stand coming to the big screen.

Why I Love Film -
An exploration of why it is I run this blog in the first place: my immense love for movies.

In Honor Of -
Each month, using IMDB's Random Name link, I'll be celebrating the filmography of a new actor/actress/writer/director/whatever. From the beginning of their filmography to the end, and I'll do my best to contain it within a single month. Until I get to Gary Oldman, and that'll take most of the year.

More series are coming soon! Keep out that watchful eye.