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Friday, May 13, 2011

In Theaters This Weekend

... I can't.

What happened to Paul Bettany? I'm going to go ahead and blame it on Wimbledon. Let's look - Dogville, Master and Commander, A Knight's Tale, A Beautiful Mind... all Oscar worthy performances. He was shaping up to be the actor of his generation, but then came Wimbledon and the land of guaranteed audiences. Wimbledon, Firewall, Legion, and now Priest? Creation, and his astonishing portrayal of Charles Darwin, is the late exception. 

With Priest and Bridesmaids (consider it an... estrogen-fueled The Hangover) opening this weekend, can you guess what I'm going to recommend? Let's take a brief look at both after the jump. 

More after the cut--

Priest. PG-13.
The thing about a movie like Priest is.... well, it was already made, essentially. And Paul Bettany was in it. It was called Legion, and it was horrendous. An angel fights of fallen angels and demons in Legion, and now a supernatural man of God fights off vampires and demons in Priest. What will the difference be? Karl Urban, and the fact that he makes everything at least two or three times better than it has the right to be. He shone incredibly in both RED and Star Trek (his "Bones" McCoy was perfect), and I'm sure he'll wind up being the bright spot in this film as well. 

Bridesmaids. R. 

I love these movies. The kinds of movies that the SNL crowd should be putting out instead of MacGruber. Thankfully Kristen Wiig's film career wasn't ruined by that massive misfire, and she continues to be bigger than everyone expected. Carefully modelling after Tina Fey's career, I wouldn't be surprised if she landed her own show outside of Saturday Night Live. She certainly has the talent for it. As does Maya Rudolph, who really has more dramatic prowess than she's ever been given credit for. Even when she tackles a comedic role, there's always pathos, and there's something about it that winds up being endearingly sad. She's an incredible actress. I'll be seeing this as soon as I can, especially for the dear Rose Byrne. 

Priest can wait. 

Probably for a while. 

Go see a movie! It's the weekend! Celebrate!