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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Why I Love Film - #6 (in anticipation of Super 8)

In this series, I do my best to capture small moments, or performances, or little tech tricks I love about the world of film. With this episode, however, I'm feeling compelled to write about something a bit different.

The trailer for Super 8 hit theaters, interwebs, and TV sets not too long ago, and while the underground anticipation for the JJ Abrams film seems to have grinded to a halt, my anticipation has been exponentially growing. The Spielbergian feel to it, the music in the trailer, all the quick editing, the things that go bump in the night (the burned man in the car...)...

Of course, this is a Steven Spielberg production. It has that feel to it, if you've ever seen his more fantastical fare. I'm reminded of ET almost immediately, with bits of Hook and even some of the grandiosity of Jurassic Park. But, this is also distinctively a JJ Abrams film. I could consider it a love letter to one of the greatest directors of all time, but since we haven't been witness to the project yet, that would be a bit... too much.

For all of it's glory, however, here is the trailer for Super 8. Note the Spielberg qualities, note the music and how it forms itself in the trailer, the editing and wide cinematography... you'll know why I love film.