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Monday, February 7, 2011

Life as We Know It, Paranormal Activity 2, and Others on DVD Tomorrow

As the studios keeping pumping out their sure-to-be failures into theaters, sometimes DVD release weeks are a bit... lackluster, rather than blockbuster. #horriblepun

Life as We Know It, Paranormal Activity 2, You Again, My Soul to Take, It's Kind of a Funny Story, and Wild Target all get a release onto shelves tomorrow, but which one is more worth your time and money? Almost unanimously based on the critical reception, you might as well skip this week. And, I  haven't seen any of these, so you can't really take my word for it either. But, we'll look into each release, just to see what we have on our hands. 

At the very least, you can still go see The Roommate, right? 

yeah, no, I didn't think so. 

More after the cut -- 

After the release of the Judd Apatow's brilliant Knocked Up in 2007, Katherine Heigl slammed the film by calling it sexist and anti-feminist. Not long after, she starred in The Ugly Truth and 27 Dresses, both about women who feel incomplete without men around to fill a void. That void is probably always going to be there for Heigl, because she keeps starring in these movies that are sexist and anti-feminist. Life as We Know It is a comedy about two people who are forced to raise a child after a couple dies. Josh Duhamel stars as a man child and Katherine Heigl stars as a woman who needs a baby and a man to feel complete. The baby stars as a plot device. The film didn't do to well, and was lambasted by critics. I haven't seen the film, so my bitterness toward anything that Heigl does may be unwarranted, but I'm going out on a limb and saying that I'm right. Time will tell, and I'll know when I watch the movie later. 

From the film's Amazon page, the special features are as follows - 

...deleted scenes. 

That's it. I honestly might wait for an HBO debut or something. 

Also on DVD tomorrow, the critically bashed Paranormal Activity 2, the sequel to the enormously successful Paranormal Activity from 2009. Again, I haven't seen this one, but the trailer seemed intriguing enough. The idea that this is pretty much the Saw 2 of the series (same story line, just a few more main characters) makes me want to avoid it all together. But, I tell myself to watch everything I can. So, I'll be seeing this one whether I like it or not. 

The first film delivered on its promised scares and made damn sure that I didn't sleep well for a couple of days. According to critics, however, this one might put me to sleep as soon as it starts. There's a bit of exposition in the beginning explaining the story and retreading what happened in the last film (because there are, believe it or not, people who will watch a sequel without seeing the first film), but past that? Apparently there isn't anything interesting to behold. 

From the film's Amazon page, the special features are - 

a teaser trailer, and "found footage" (which pretty much translates to deleted/extended scenes)

Again, ... this is probably an HBO venture. 

Also on DVD tomorrow - 

My Soul To Take - Apparently, Wes Craven's comeback has been happening for about four years now. After being laughed out of the game when he released Cursed, he's been trying to get back into the swing of things for quite some time. Red Eye was a brilliantly conceived picture, but past that, most of his efforts have been wasted. When this film was announced, it promised to be the return of Craven to the top of the horror list. When it was released, he set himself back about two or three years. Maybe Scream 4 will circumvent the wait and worry? I dearly hope so. 

You Again - I'll watch Odette Yustman in just about anything. Truth be told, she's the only reason I saw The Unborn, and watched Cloverfield twice. But, this will be a struggle. The film, a Now and Then-esque "drama" about daughters and their mothers, tanked beyond reason. Betty White is in it, and Kristen Bell is growing on me. It has an excellent cast, so this will definitely be something I see. But, I'll probably wind up focusing more on my popcorn and Odette Yustman than anything else in the film. 

It's Kind of a Funny Story - I adore Emma Roberts and think Zack Galifinakis is one of the best things under the sun. So, this will most likely be what my money immediately goes to this week. The story is as follows - Girl, Interrupted, but with a boy, and a fat Angelina Jolie with a heart of gold. I'm willing to bet this film is definitely something we've all seen before, but just better than we've seen it lately. Galifinakis had Oscar buzz for about a week or two, before everyone saw the film and decided it was a letdown, so I'm at least anticipating his performance. 

Wild Target - Rupert Grint, gearing up for his post Harry Potter career, Emily Blunt and the incomparable Bill Nighy star in this comedy about mistaken identities and detectives and lies and murder and all sorts of fun stuff to pass two hours with. I honestly have heard nothing about this film except that its DVD release is tomorrow, so I'll be picking it up to figure out why I never heard about it in the first place. Maybe everyone should do the same? Otherwise, Ron Weasley won't be sticking around for too long. 

For more information about the films, click on their titles to link to their Amazon pages. 

So, what will I be seeing first? It's Kind of a Funny Story. But, I'll get around to all of them before too long. 

Go get a movie. It's gonna be a long week. What might you be seeing, out of these? Shoot a comment down below and let me know!